The Coral

NATURE : Aristotele classified the corals as “plant-animals” because they look like a plant but “ something moves on it…! “. Anyway in the past with different opinions and strong discussions the scientists mostly...


The Filigree

The word comes from the Latin “filum granum” i.e. thread grain which represents the form in which the filigree is made joining together very thin wires ( of gold or silver ) round, flat, twisted etc.. also with grains or other...


The Pearl

NATURE : An Arab legend says that when the moon is visible, the oysters opens and rises to the surface of the sea. They receives dewdrops and the pearls are formed. The same ideas had the Greeks and the Romans but the dew was replaced by the tears...


The Grand Tour

The Grand Tour "phenomenon" was an important cultural /artistic movement that started in Europe in the second half of the 18th century until the end of the 19th century. Famous travellers were also Goethe, Stendhal etc... The enlightenment period...


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