Antique lava carved gold earrings

  • EPOCA:Middle 19th century
  • REF:7158
  • DIMENSIONE:cm.5,4 x 3,2
  • PESO:gr. 24 (both)
  • PREZZO:Euro € 2.100
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Lava jewellery was a must souvenir among the Grand Tour Tourist of the 19th century in Italy. In different colours, always in classical subjects sometimes they achieved a masterpiece quality for the detailed hand-work engraving. Here we present an outstanding pair of antique lava gold earrings. A top quality hand-carving of Angel's heads full-round. They are hanging a little delicious amphora and two acorns ( a good-luck symbol ). Look the face, the cheeks, the hairs and the wings. It is a little carving masterpiece displaying expert hight relief workmanship in all the little details. They was part of a Grand Tour collection in Rome. 14K gold ( touchstone tested ). An old hallmark is on the hooks. Mid 19th century. From Neaples. In perfect condition.

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