Antique cameos gold earrings

  • PERIOD:End of the 19th century
  • REF:7242
  • SIZE:cm. 7
  • WEIGHT:gr. 15,7 ( both )
  • PRICE:Euro € 2.000
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The art of cameos carvings deeps very far in the art history. In the Middle East since the 3th millennium B.C. different stones was carved with different subject. To be short after the Greeks and the Romans, the Renaissance produced really masterpieces all over Europe. In the 19th century with the Grand Tour, cameos was a must souvenir from Italy. Here we present a lovely big pair of antique cameos earrings detailed hand carved with a round Top with an head of Cupido and Down a large drop with a dancing Menade ( follower of Bacchus ). The hand carving is of Top Quality. 14K Gold (touchstone tested). End of the 19th century from Rome. They are in perfect condition.

We are based in Sorrento (Italy) and we receive by appointment only.

Please feel free to contact us for more information. Tel. (+39) 331 33 60 915

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